Be in-demand with Aceathon Work Ex Programs

Master in-demand skills. Build and design industry-relevant projects. Earn a valued Work Experience certification. Launch your career in PHP, Java, Android, Digital Marketing etc.

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Get Job Ready

Propel your carreer by working on live projects with professionals. Successful completion of work ex program will make you ready for your dream job.

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Introduces Yourself to the World of Work

Work Ex Program is important to your long-term career as it offers you the opportunity to learn skills and processes that you’ll only ever be able to learn in a workplace setting. You’ll get a real feel of how people work together, how things get done and basically how work differs from university

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Build Industry Relevant Skills

Start your development along with already working professionals for hands on experience and learning and Get industry ready with our Work Ex programs. Enhance your practical skills by working on live projects. Introduces Yourself to the World of Work

Rahul Dixit

Web Designer

Aceathon is good Place to work and learning new things within the organization. It has a great method to grow and improve Candidate skills.

Rahul Mahur


I have learnt lot of things while worked in this company. If you are studying you can work with the company and if you are looking for your career then you may go with the company. There were many opportunities that allowed Candidates to maximize efficiencies and increase their skillset.

Pratibha Sinha

Web Developer

I have enjoyed a lot working with aceathon. It is very good company to start your carrier. i literally knew nothing about computer science... they gave me a really good foundational base in web development, and I'm excited to put that to use in the workplace.

Nidhi Sahay

Android Developer

There are too many good things to say about Aceathon. The Company truly care about each individual’s growth and fostering a collaborative culture. There are good opportunities to advance your a career. You get to work with some great people from all over the world.

Akash kumar

Digital Marketer

I did not know anything about Digital marketing before I took this Work Ex program. It has given me a broad range of knowledge, experience and courage to apply all the skills in working world. This is definitely a good place to start to gain a foundation to build upon later. Highly recommend.

Manisha Bhandari

Front End Developer

I felt welcome and appreciated, From the moment I start working with Aceathon, The lines of communication are always open. There are many opportunities for Candidates to learn new skills and grow their careers.

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